Bleeding Doll Head
Bleeding Doll Head

Bleeding Doll Head


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Our signature and most popular products; Doll Head candle - with a twist. 

They have red wax inside!

H 9cm / W 7.5cm / D 7.5cm

Spiced Orange & Cherries: black cherries, plum, peach, strawberry & vanilla.
Kiwi & Vanilla Custard: orange peel, strawberry, kiwi, black currant, plum, pitaya, vanilla custard, musk & amber.

Bleeding Doll Head:
This isn't like the other Doll Head - it's all white on the out side, with red or black wax inside!
Because of how it's made, it will take a few hours to see the black or red wax inside, please be patient. Red/black dye is very potent and your Bleeding Doll Head may turn pink/grey over time. It is best to burn your candle as soon as you received it for its full effect.

Any Doll Head with visible red/black colour on its eyes/face/neck will get darker with time.

Unlike your normal, flat surfaced candles, our candles can be leaky when burning. Before you light him up, it is important that you check out our Candle Care section for more information on how to best burn your candle.

It is normal in soy wax for colours to fade/bleed/acquire a 'dusty'/'frosty' layer overtime.

Please note, because our items are hand poured to order, slight colour variation may occur and your order may take up to 10 days before dispatch.