Candle Refills

You ask, we deliver.

So you've (literally) burned through your candle collection and now you've got yourselves empty jars.

How do I clean the vessels?

Pop your vessels in the freezer for about an hour and use a spoon to scoop out frozen wax. Empty contents into the bin. Using hot, soapy water, wash the vessels and let dry. Do not pour candle wax down the drain.

Pick your fragrance

Pick from our fragrance list here, or let us know if you'd like something else that tickles your fancy.

Drop off / ship over the vessels

We are located in Reservoir, Victoria. Simply email to book an appointment to drop off your vessels, or contact us to organise a shipping label. We offer flat rate shipping for your candles to be shipped to us and back to you ($15 each way).

How much will my candles cost?

Prices are dependent on volume of each vessel. Fill up your empty container with water and pour it back into a measuring jug. We can help you with this.

volume estimated burn time price
up to 100ml up to 20hrs $8
101ml - 200ml up to 30hrs $16
201ml - 300ml up to 45hrs $24
301ml - 400ml up to 60hrs $32
401ml - 500ml up to 75hrs $40

Your candles will be filled with one or two cotton wicks (depending on size), soy wax and blended with fragrance oils of your choice.

And then what?

Once you've received an invoice and payment has been made, we will process your candle refill order. They will either be shipped out to you, or you can pick up from our shop in Reservoir, Victoria.