All of the Smells

Amazing Grape Grape Hubba Bubba, anyone?
Avo Mint Nice and light with blends of citrus and berries with floral top notes of jasmine, violet & geranium - finishing with sage, clove and mint.
Basil, Lime & Mandarin This unisex and super fresh fragrance combines zesty citrus notes of lime and mandarin undertoned with notes of basil and herbs.
Black Tea & Lychee Another unisex fragrance: A delicate fragrance made from black tea leaves infused with the sweet exotic scent of lychee.
Burnt Fig & Cassis The scent of sun warmed figs and delicate cassis is enhanced with notes of cedarwood and hyacinth. A beautiful floral scent.
Clove & Sandalwood A warm combo of cedarwood, patchouli, peppercorn, spicy clove, cinnamon, amber & white musk. Or in short, pretty damn good.
The new Coconut & Lime Like the classic Coconut & Lime, but with a little more tang to it: lime and mandarin top notes, coconut & milk middle notes all on a base of vanilla, raspberry and light musk.
Creme Caramel An amazing blend of rich buttery caramel, infused with pear and spiced with clove, cinnamon & nutmeg. Smells like the real thing!
Egyptian Amber Clean and sweet in its base of vanilla, musk and sandalwood, this scent combines perfectly with jasmine, lavender, orange, lemon and grapefruit essential oil. This unisex fragrance also includes, as the name suggests, rich amber notes with the addition of unique notes of balsam copaiba and cyclamen. A truly beautiful scent.
Princess Peony A beautiful floral mixes of peony, wild rose, African violets & yellow jessamine
Spiced Rum The exotic spice combined with a warm creamy aroma, with a base of cinnamon & clove and additional notes of black tea & vanilla bean.
Sweet Treat Smells like freshly baked blueberry cheesecake! Super sweet, so much yum.
Note: The raw materials in the scent discolor the wax.