Candle Refill Subscription - 6 & 12 months Prepaid
Candle Refill Subscription - 6 & 12 months Prepaid

Candle Refill Subscription - 6 & 12 months Prepaid


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Subscribe to our candle refill box and get a candle every two months, for 6 or 12 months!
(Quick maths: that's 3 candles within the 6 months period or 6 candles within the 12 months period.)
Price shown is for subscription with domestic shipping included.

Your first box includes a glass vessel and candle refill. All you need to do is pop the candle into the glass vessel and light 'em up! The remaining boxes will be candle refill only.

You will get a candle refill with a different surprise fragrance every two months. The fragrance vibes are earthy, fruity, floral, woody, sweet and spicy/Christmasy (not necessary in that order).
If you'd like your candles to be unscented for all boxes, please leave a note via check out.

Candle refill will be shipped mid January, March, May, July, September & November (depending on what prepaid plan you're on).

Buying as a gift:
If you are buying as a gift, please use the recipient's details as the shipping address. Please include a note so they know there's two more boxes coming as well as who it's from. You'll only be charged once (at the point of ordering) and the subscription will automatically end after the three or six deliveries, depending on the plan you chose.
You can also request an electronic artwork to send to the lucky recipient.

6 & 12 months prepaid subscription boxes are non refundable, so please choose carefully. 


Candle Care
Always burn your candle so that the top layer has melted all the way to the edge of the vessel.
After you're done burning, pop your vessel in the freezer for about an hour and use a spoon to scoop out frozen wax. Empty contents into the bin. Using hot, soapy water, wash the vessels and let dry. Do not pour candle wax down the drain.