Meet the Maker: Amie Luczkowkski-Gibson

Amie makes unique, one of a kind ceramics. I'm taking mugs and planters with creepy (read: awesome) faces (each have their own names, by the way), masks and hand shaped pendants, as well as cactus ring holders and incense holder. Up my alley!

You can buy her one off pieces hurr.

Hello, how are you today?
HELLLLLLO! I am good, just working as usual and visiting my second home (the post office)

You have a puppy! Please, tell me about your beautiful girl.
OMG MY BABY BEE! Beatrice is my helper who doesn't help very much she just like to eat paper and the occasional pot -__- She is the best dogs are the best, so much better than humans. Oh man I love dogs.

I get random people telling me my products are weird all the time. What are people's reactions when they see the work you do? How do you deal with bitches?
Most of the time they are like 'they weird and creepy but I like them!' so it isn't too bad :) but as far as bitches go I am usually just a really polite smug bitch back because they never expect it, but if they are next level rude and swear at me they just get blocked. I don't need that shitty negativity in my life.

Do you like scary movies? What is the most scary/fucked up movie you've seen?
They are alright! I am way way way way more into serial killer docos. I watch them nearly everyday haha. Probably the scariest is The Hills Have Eyes, but that is more so because it's a bit gross and also they kill a dog in it and I am not about that kind of plot.

Can you tell me something about your brand that not many people know about? Maybe don't tell me a secret because this is totally going online.
Lots of people make the assumption that my 'brand' has lots of people behind it and that I live by myself in the heart of Melbourne when in reality it is just me doing every single thing, and even though I probably need help with everything, especially like packing stuff and all the tech side of things I can't afford to have someone else helping me, and I still live with my parents (probably will until I am 50) and I live way out of the city in basically the country. So my brand is me, AMIE! the singular person. 

What was the most beautiful thing you've ever seen/witness?
Mmmmmm that's a hard one. It would be a combo of all my adventuring in America (because the California/Arizona desert and Oregon forests are insanely beautiful) and last year when my cousin had a beautiful baby gal name Mia.

Any tips for any artists who want to start their own business?
JUST DO IT! no amount of prep-time can really prepare you for running your own business you just have to do it.


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