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Meet the Maker: Abbey Rich

by Waan Pivasiri 11 Oct 2016 0 Comments

Abbey Rich

I met Abbey on Instagram - she bought a few of You, Me & Bones candles and I checked out her work and was like, damnnnn girrl, you goooood.

Abbey is a textile designer/artist and an all round awesome beb face. Her and her awesome sewer Laura make amazing hand printed / hand sewn jumpsuits (I have a couple - get on it, seriously), blazers, dresses, skirts and moarrrr. You can find her stuff hurr.

Hello Abbey, how are you today?
Hey gurrrlllll - I am great but a lil stressed haha , I think that is my usual state now!

You're so young! I remember when I was young and watching Gilmore Girls, I've decided I wanted kids when I was 22. Obvi didn't happen and I bet your my ovaries are going to tell me off about it later. Anyway, how does it feel to have your own business so early on in your 20s?
Hahah I am forever watching Gilmore Girls! But definitely do not want kids rn. Sometimes it feels crazy to have a business but then I guess it is kinda normal for me now. Sometimes I wish I was living at home and going to uni or something but I am having a great time despite the crazy stress. I feel like I have a lot to learn but I definitely think learning as you go is the best, especially for me with a short attention span haha.

Do you remember the first garment you've ever screen printed onto and made? What was it?
It was just last year actually - I had a work trivia night and wanted a new outfit haha and had learnt screen printing at uni - so I taped up a blank screen and created what came to be known as the Party Jumpsuit.

What is the best thing about having your own bidniss? What is the worst?
The best thing is seeing my designs going out into the world - watching people get excited about what we are creating and wanting to have a piece in their lives ! The worst thing is the business side of things! I’ve got no idea to be quite honest and I find it terribly boring - it will be a constant learning curve that will take me a long time to understand or find interesting haha.

Let's walk us through your day!
My day... well at the moment I am working on an exhibition which opens in October so I get up around 6ish and paint in the morning as I eat my giant bowl of porridge and drink a few cups of tea. I then head to the studio on my skateboard or by tram if I feel like reading a book. Wander to the coffee shop and chat to the sweet people at twenty&6, then I get to work at about 9/9.30. My work day usually consists of emails, screen printing, sending out orders, more emails, eating food and currently designing/working out the new collection or working on custom things. After work I play netball, take a life drawing class, go to an exhibition or have dinner with friends.

Can you tell me something about Abbey Rich that not many people know about? Maybe don't tell me a secret because this is totally going online.
Hmmmmm this is very hard! Well I guess a lot of people think that I love animals because I'm a vegetarian - and yes it is true I don't eat them for ethical reasons but tbh I'm quite terrified of most animals. Cats are the worst for me! Constant state of panic if I'm near one! I think I don't really like most animals but can't bear the thought of eating them.

What is the scariest book you've ever read?
um I don't tend to read scary books - I am all about the art history you know? But I'd probably say like 1984 or A Clockwork Orange - I went through a real dystopian future genre phase and those kind of prospects are terrifying!

What was the latest business swaps that you did?
Ahhh trades are my fave!! The latest was a trade with Laura of Hoodooloulou - I made her a custom 'leafy' jumpsuit in exchange for a beautiful opal ring and a delicate little constellation ring.

Any tips for any artists who want to start their own business?
I think the only tip I have is you've got to be prepared to work like crazy - I think separating your work and home life is important - I make sure to do fun things in the evenings so I live in the real world for a bit. I do live in a bubble and I totally recommend it - I don't have internet or a tv at home, but I read like crazy and find the people I surround myself key to keeping me sane! Work hard but don't sacrifice your life for it, you've gotta have both but I guess that means you gotta get used to no real down time but I’m okay with that.

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