Meet the Maker: The Club of Odd Volumes

The Club of Odd Volumes

This week, we're asking my NZ sister Sarah of The Club of Odd Volumes some random questions.
Backstory: I met Sarah at Finders Keepers a couple of years back. She then invite me to join her and a few others at The Club of Odd Volumes' first studio sale. I was totally playing a little hard to get, but said yes in the end. Best decision ever.
Sarah and her husband Matt owns and work in their textile printing studio where you can either buy awesome art on t-shirts, towels and cushion covers or get your own design printed on textiles!

Make your custom t-shirts hurr.

Hello you guys, how are you today?
Hi, we good.

Do you remember the first t-shirt you guys printed for a customer? What was it of?
Do parents count as real customers? Probably a cat tea towel. Those things have been following us around since day 1.

What was the best thing you've ever printed?
A custom jumper with a photograph of Toadfish Rebecchi on it.

What is the most popular thing people get printed on a t-shirt?
Art. We are very lucky, we do not print too many embarrassing birthday joke tees or crazy pet lover tees. We mostly print for artists… either one for themselves or a small run for mates / online shops.

The Club of Odd Volumes was inspired by a bookclub in the 1800's and Sarah you were a book designer - what is your favourite go-to book?
I LOVE books on book design showcasing rad layout, fonts, papers, form and binding techniques. I will also read anything by Wilde or de Botton.

Please, can you walk us through your day. Let's start with getting out of bed in the morning.
No two days are really the same. In-between constant emails and Matt printing all day we get a lot of visitors, fellow artists and friends popping in for productive meetings, inspirational chats, crafternoons, long ladies lunches and most importantly kebab dates with my girl Waan. It might sound all fun and games as we are pretty flexible with our working day but generally put in a good 65+ hour week each... Double that from Oct–Dec.

Where is your 'happy place’?
At work designing. Is that lame? I love running The Club. I love drawing, print making, bookbinding but generally always dreaming up / planning exciting new projects The Club can work on.

How does it feel to have a 'career change’?
I was always a freelance designer working for myself so just changed from publishing to textiles. I'm just making it up as I go along.

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