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Meet the Maker: ffembroidery

by Waan Pivasiri 26 Sep 2016 0 Comments


This week I asked Patricia of ffembroidery some random questions.
Backstory: I met Patricia on Instagram and fell in love with her work at first sight. She stitches weird (READ: AWESOME) faces, mouths, teeth and jaguars. You can find her stuff right hurr.

Hello, how are you today?
I'm pretty good! I didn't run into a single a-hole on my way to this coffeeshop, It's cold enough to wear a sweater and I just had my first sip of coffee and it's giving me life.

I've only met you on Instagram and not in real life, tell me about yourself and what you do!
Well in a nutshell I'm a loner who goes for coffee a lot and am an embroider! I watch a lot of trashy reality tv and horror films. Since moving to France I've definitely become more of an introvert.

I get random people telling me my products are weird all the time. What are people's reactions when they see the work you do? How do you deal with bitches?
Ugh yeah that's lame. So far I've had good reactions, a lot of people dig my stuff. But my favourite is when people see what I'm doing IRL and are like "that's interesting" and you know they don't like it but bless'em for not saying "that's weird". As for the bitches it's like mama ru said, "if those bitches ain't paying your bills, pay them bitches no mind." Also the block button works too. 

Do you have any pets?
No pets! I live in Lyon, France and I already share 38m2 with my boyfriend so it's too tight for another living thing. But I want a dog so bad! It's just such a crazy responsibility and I ain't ready for that shit.

What is your favourite thing to stitch?
Well currently my favourite thing to stitch are faces that I draw, I've started making felt patches so I'm totally into that at the moment. Slowly trying to build up some stock.

I totally stalked your insta page to see what I can ask you about and I see that your birthday is coming up! Have you ever stalked someone's social media so far back and accidentally liked a photo?
Don't remind me! I definitely can be a level 5 stalker but mostly IG accounts of people who live in other countries or do totally opposite things than me and I'm happy to say I have never accidentally liked someone's photo (knock on wood) I'm low key an amazing stalker tho.

What is the scariest book you've ever read?
Well I don't really read anymore because that would take away time from embroidering, but the last time I read a book that scared me was probably a goosebumps book from when I was a kid, it was the one about the abominable snowman... But I watch horror movies all the time when I do embroidery and I get scared all the time (and I watch all my scary movies in the day too, mind you).

Any tips for anyone who want to start their own business?
I would say don't quit your day job, unless money starts rolling in, then do what feels right. Other than that I would say just work hard but have lots of fun and be original.
Also I think social media is so important, if you have a name picked out, get that name on everything(Twitter, Facebook, IG, tumblr...etc) I've met so many people who don't have an IG for their business or don't care. Oh! and hashtag! Relevant hashtags - be mindful of it and you'll probably meet so many people who think your ideas are stupid or a little hobby but just stick with it and try to stay positive! (At the very least try and have one or two cheerleaders around you who will help you stay positive and keep you motivated.)

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