Meet the Maker: unempire


Each week I'm interviewing different makers/people I'm inspired by. This week, we're getting to know Zoe from unempire a little better. Zoe sells socks. I met Zoe at the Brunswick Flea Winter night market.
You can find Zoe's socks hurr.

Hello Zoe, how are you today?
Hello Waan I’m very well, thank you.

Tell me about your cat, please. I can't believe I haven't met him yet.
His name is Omari and he’s my big fat gangsta guard cat son. I can’t believe you haven’t met him either. Let’s sort that out A$AP.

Please, can you walk us through your day. Let's start with you getting out of bed.
Getting out of bed is a long and arduous affair. First me & Omari have a couple of boxing matches. He has a killer right hook but I’m a seasoned south-paw so it’s always a pretty even sesh. Then we hug it out so no hard feelings. Then I check my phone for a considerable amount of time. Then I get out of bed. Coffee usually ensues. Work usually follows, which is either back in my bedroom or at my other job at SILVERLANE, both of which involve lots of internet. Then some hours pass, I go to the Post Office, things happen, some other stuff does too, and then I’m in bed again. Do you regret asking this question?

You can only pick one: cheese or sushi. Why?
Sushi. Coz it’s the tits. How good’s wasabi PS.

What made you go, that's it, I'm starting socks business?
Coz I knew how to do socks from my previous job. I had a good maker, and it was just an baby-steps way to start something. Without haemorrhaging cash dollas or making a poor life decision.

What was your first pair of socks you've designed for unempire? Did it make they through the production stage?
Actually yes they did. It was the ‘eastside/westside’ sox…..but sooooo many have not made it past the initial concept stage because they were so shit*. (*I was shit)

Can you tell me something about unempire that not many people know about? Maybe don't tell me a secret because this is totally going online.
hmmmMMmmm. Probably that my office is my bedroom. unempire is a modest and intimate enterprise.

What does "unempire" mean?
Whatever you want it to mean, baby. I was unemployed at the time I conceited the bizz. Just smanged ‘unemployed’ and ‘empire’ together.. Also it’s just like, NOT an empire. But if I get massive I’ll tell everyone it’s the french word ‘un’ meaning ‘one’.

Any tips for creatives who wants to start their own bidniss?
Just do you. Be original. Don’t rip other people’s ideas, and make love not war with your peers… Like me & Waan here. #bidnessbuds

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