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Meet the Maker: Hello, it's me.

by Waan Pivasiri 12 Sep 2016 0 Comments

You, Me & Bones

You know when you plan out your year (or day or week or month, or whatever) and things just don't really go to plan? I know all about that. A lot. Vlogging/blogging is one of the things I've planned and I even bought myself a camera with a selfie screen and everything! That was like, almost a year ago. I guess it's better late than never, though right?

So why not make the first blog about me. *princess emoji* I definitely have been inspired by The Club of Odd Volumes' "Meet the Club" blog post.

My name is Waan and I am a Candle Making Princess (I am making that an official title, by the way) from Thailand. I have been in Melbourne, Australia for half my life and I'm planning to stay here for awhile. I answer to the following names: Waan, Waansy, Pivs, Your Majesty and Sheniqua.

I started candle making as a hobby in early 2013 while working as a Front End Web Developer. While I loved making websites, I realised rather quickly how much more I love making candles. After making them in all of the tea cups and vintage glassware (classic new candle maker move), I started making skull shaped candles in colour and scents that I like. Realising I'm pretty much making candles I want to keep myself, I did an extensive research in mould making and started making the popular Doll Head candles. In April 2013, my candle making bidniss You, Me & Bones was officially born.

Leaving my first full time job to go to another part time web dev gig was one of the hardest thing *eggplant emoji* I ever had to do, but surprisingly, leaving a secured, stable part time job to do candle making full time was actually one of the easiest, most rewarding thing I've ever done. Ever. I'll tell you why in the end.

You, Me & Bones is a mainly a one lady & two cats (Bones & Gas) operation. I am the owner, creator, designer and maker. Now and then if time permits/when he's not tattooing, my amazing human/cool guy Dan helps me with some of the making and market adventures. The cats just pretty much hang out and lives up to their Z-List celebrity status.

I should wrap this baby up! A little bit of some seriousness: The hardest thing about owning a small business would be moving on past being hobbyist candle maker to being known as the owner of a candle making business. I find it a little hard for me since I my brand revolves around my personality and I like getting to know my customers/my customers getting to know me.

The best thing about owning a small candle making business, however, is that I have turned my passion into a career. I have found something I'm able to 100% say I am happy working 50-60 hours a week for. Yes it gets stressful and you get to meet and deal with whole range of people, but seriously, I wouldn't trade it for all of the cats in the world.

If you're still reading this and you're thinking of ditching your 9-5 job to start your own, established bidniss, let me tell you this: when you see an opportunity and your gut says yes, grab it by the balls and roll with it.

Ok, thank you, bye.

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