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Meet the Maker: ffembroidery

This week I asked Patricia of ffembroidery some random questions. Backstory: I met Patricia on Instagram and fell in love with her work at first sight. She stitches weird (READ: AWESOME) faces, mouths, teeth and jaguars. You can find her stuff right hurr. Hello, how are you today?I'm pretty good! I didn't run into a single a-hole on my way to this coffeeshop, It's cold enough to wear a sweater and I just had my first sip of coffee and it's giving me life. I've only met you on Instagram and not in real life, tell me about yourself and what you do!Well in a nutshell I'm a loner who goes for coffee a lot and am an embroider! I...

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Meet the Maker: unempire

Each week I'm interviewing different makers/people I'm inspired by. This week, we're getting to know Zoe from unempire a little better. Zoe sells socks. I met Zoe at the Brunswick Flea Winter night market. You can find Zoe's socks hurr. Hello Zoe, how are you today? Hello Waan I’m very well, thank you. Tell me about your cat, please. I can't believe I haven't met him yet. His name is Omari and he’s my big fat gangsta guard cat son. I can’t believe you haven’t met him either. Let’s sort that out A$AP. Please, can you walk us through your day. Let's start with you getting out of bed. Getting out of bed is a long and arduous affair. First...

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Meet the Maker: Hello, it's me.

You know when you plan out your year (or day or week or month, or whatever) and things just don't really go to plan? I know all about that. A lot. Vlogging/blogging is one of the things I've planned and I even bought myself a camera with a selfie screen and everything! That was like, almost a year ago. I guess it's better late than never, though right? So why not make the first blog about me. *princess emoji* I definitely have been inspired by The Club of Odd Volumes' "Meet the Club" blog post. My name is Waan and I am a Candle Making Princess (I am making that an official title, by the way) from Thailand. I have been in Melbourne, Australia...

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